AOL is a free web-based email services that is provided by AOL and before it was known as American Online till 2009. In provides many features at no cost like emails capacity storage is unlimited, 25 MB attachments of files, POP3, SMTP and IMAP support protocol and more. AOL Customer also gives virus and spam protection. Yet, with so many features, its users some problems while using that for example;

Common Issues:-
Facing problems in creating account on AOL.
Difficulties in accessing your account.
Problems in downloading attachment that you get in email.
Unable to attach attachments.
Not able to change settings of AOL account.
Spam mails are still coming in your account.
Email gets bounced from account.
Spell checker is not working properly.
Unable to login account with POP3, STMP & IMAP.
Unable to recover your AOL account

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